We help property managers reduce their total waste costs while creating a supplemental income stream through our valet trash services.

Your Answer to Cost-Effective and Efficient Waste Management


Our Services

i4 Waste Valet & Recycling in Cental Florida helps property management companies and property managers streamline their waste pickup and recycling operations while boosting their revenue. By providing your residents with the option to have their trash picked up and recycled at their doorstep, you:

Expand Your Amenities Package

Unlike a pool or gym, a trash valet service is an amenity that all residents can appreciate and use. Most people don’t like making trips to the dumpster. By offering your tenants the option to have their garbage picked up and recycled at their doorstep six days a week, you make your property more attractive to current residents and prospective tenants.

Increase Your Net Operating Income

Property managers can make our trash valet services available to their tenants for a fee, which can be included in their monthly dues. This creates an additional complex revenue stream. Also, regular waste pickups ensure that trash isn’t left outside your tenants’ doors. This helps increase curb appeal and ups your property’s value while reducing total waste costs.

Create a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Community

Hiring us helps keep your community clean. We make recycling easy! All your tenants need to do is separate recyclables from other types of trash. They won’t have to go to the dumpster or the landfill. Our team will pick up the garbage and do the rest. This helps keep your community clean while helping the environment.


How It Works

We deliver (two)secure, specialized waste & recycling containers to each door in your multifamily property. These bins can accommodate trash bags of any size.
Your residents can place their trash and their recycling directly in these bins. Our team offers convenient, multiple night and day pickups. We also give discounts on moving and on bulk item removal. With our services, your tenants no longer have to lug heavy trash bags to your property’s dumpster. 
We provide orientations to both property management and residents, so that everyone is on the same page. Additionally, you can be confident in having us work in and around your property, as we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.